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Our 3-Month Business Program With Everything You Need To Make Coaching Your Full-Time Biz


We’ve been there too.

You may feel stretched thin, wondering where to best put your energy to actually create the life and impact you know you were born for.

So that you can continue to blossom into your highest self, rise to your highest calling, honor what brings you joy…

And shape a life around what lights you up.

You’ve gotten to where you are today because you’ve decided to take everything you’ve been through in your life and use it to IGNITE the souls of others…

And now, more than ever, it’s important that you keep the momentum going and water the seeds of your calling so that it can continue to flourish.

Or are you stuck at the point of wanting that vision of yours more than anything because you know you can do it?

It can be too easy to overanalyze and question everything at this point in your journey. This is a pivotal moment for you - you’re creating your dream biz while continuing the journey into your highest self.

You don’t want to wait years to reap the rewards of all of the work you’ve put in.

You want to help others now. You want to find extraordinary abundance now. You want to create a flourishing career you love that enables you to take care of others you love and find freedom now.

Real Question: Do you have a strategic plan to get you there, so that even when life happens and challenges arise, you still STAY the course?

You’re embarking on one of the most important journeys of your life - building a spiritual coaching business aligned with your truth…

Are you ready for extraordinary abundance, but overwhelmed with what to focus on next?


Are you feeling frozen in analysis paralysis - struggling to actually take the actions that will get you to where you want to go? 

Does the thought of wondering how you’ll generate consistent income when you haven’t gotten your first 5-10 paid clients overwhelm you?

Do you feel stuck because you’re not sure how to share your story and overcome throat chakra blockages?

Are you unsure exactly how to translate the knowledge you’ve learned up to this point into concrete action that will actually lead to clients?

Are you wondering how to follow a market and business strategy without feeling salesy and while staying in alignment with your dharma?

Do you wonder where to focus first - on a website, on social media, or on building a marketing funnel (and what can you skip over for now)?

Taking action changes everything - especially when you’re overwhelmed, uncertain, and doubting yourself.

That’s when it’s most important to keep moving forward.

It’s what makes the difference between those with a dream and those who actually do it.

The key doesn’t lie in the vision - it lies in creating a plan to get there, and then following it.

This momentum is what will transform you into who you want to be in this world.

It will turn your knowledge into wisdom, allow you to embody the skills you already have as a coach, and open the doors that will allow you to live out your dharma and impact others.

Action = results.

When you consistently apply and channel everything you’ve learned and everything that you are into the physical world…

That’s when:

It’s because of action that you’ve grown, expanded, and stretched…

Pushed past limiting beliefs…

And have come so far.

It’s why you’re creating a business that lights your life and your soul on fire, rising to your highest calling, and blossoming into your highest self.

Now we’d love to provide you with the tools and training to take you even further down this path.

And that’s exactly why we created a blueprint to walk you through every step...

So you don’t let overwhelm, confusion or trial and error delay the beautiful progress you’re making.

  • You’ll find the people who need you
  • Your brand will be received by others who didn’t know it existed
  • The magic of all your efforts is realized

It’s time to get confident and clear on the next steps of how to make your soul biz your reality


Sahara Rose was called “a leading voice in the millennial generation” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the forewords of her three best-selling books. When she was going through her massive health issues and disowned by her family, he was her role model so it was truly a full circle moment and a testament to following her dharma, her soul’s purpose. She created the Highest Self Podcast, which has been the #1 spiritual podcast in the U.S. over the past seven years because people resonate with her grounded and fun way of approaching spirituality. After her divorce, she even launched a music career, creating high-vibe music and performing + speaking around the world!


We lived through our own trials and errors so you wouldn’t have to.

That’s exactly why we want you to tap into the knowledge, wisdom, and experience we've gained in building world-renowned coaching careers…

Because we’ve been through the challenges of growing a spiritual business before, we understand that in these early stages of your spiritual career, it might be confusing and daunting to see the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You might be concerned about making a mistake, but we’ve made many of them before to give you a proven path of what works - one that allows you to express yourself creatively through your business so you can honor your multidimensional self.

We overcame our challenges, including health issues, divorces, and losing loved ones, so that we could help you courageously face those same inevitable challenges in your spiritual business with confidence.

We have turned our pain into our purpose, which has allowed us to turn our obstacles into our offerings.

Let us show you the path of least resistance to create the spiritual business of your dream that serves as a launching pad for your feature books, speaking engagements, podcasts, and other creative pursuits…

Rather than letting your dreams stay in the attic of your mind where they can never be seen or experienced by others.

Our incredible team of teachers (who all began as students here, just like you!) would love to pour into you and share their years of knowledge, perspectives, and expertise with you to ensure you can fully embody your dharma and serve others as a successful spiritual entrepreneur.

You don’t have to continue this journey alone.

Our mission is to help you evolve into your fullest expression. We want to walk alongside you as you fully blossom into everything you’re meant to be.

To do that, we know the one thing that will accelerate your journey and take you to the next evolution as a Spiritual Coach and entrepreneur is providing you with the business tools, practice, and know-how…

So your business can blossom and you can be handsomely rewarded for sharing your gifts and wisdom with others who need it most.

Because those things you overcame? It was for a reason. And it’s time for you to create a career and share it with the world.

Hey there, bright soul.

We’re Sahara Rose and Dr. Neeta Bhushan - co-founders of Highest Self Institute - the world’s first and only ICF-recognized institute that certifies Soul Purpose (Dharma) Coaches, Spiritual Life Coaches, and Embodiment Coaches.

Even though we now have over 20 years of soul-led, heart-centered, and successful entrepreneurship under our belts, we started out exactly where you are- confused, overwhelmed, and questioning ourselves.

We both started as daughters of immigrants with nothing but big dreams that we could create fulfilled, enriching lives guided by our sacred calling…

Even when others doubted us, or made us feel crazy for believing we could craft careers around what lights our souls up.

It’s only because of action that:

Together we birthed the Highest Self Institute, where we’ve empowered thousands to step into their purposes, become renowned coaches, and create six-figure businesses by being themselves while raising the vibration of the planet.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan became the foremost thought leader on emotional resilience & grit after losing both of her parents and brother and experiencing a painful divorce. She wrote three best-selling books with her most recent being featured in Times Square. As a mama of two, she knows what it’s like to juggle a lot!

Get clear on your why and your message for greater visibility and growth so your offerings stand out to those you’d love to work with


Soul Business Mastery is designed to hold you in a supportive container so you show up, put yourself out there, attract clients who are aligned with you, and start building a full-time business doing what you love.

You’re surrounded with warm-hearted support and guidance and given actionable steps - the very same ones that enabled us to emerge as world-renowned leaders and coaches.

We dive into how to make great social, how to become a confident speaker, how to story tell, how to use publicity in your biz, our go-to copywriting tricks, and so much more!

You learn tips, strategies, and skills to help you save time, grow fast, and stand out so that you can work towards getting your first 3-5 clients as soon as possible.

A 3-month personalized program led by Sahara and Dr. Neeta to accelerate your next steps and your journey with strategic, aligned action and accountability like no other program before…

Teaching you how to uplevel your business so that it stands out from the noise, draws in dream clients, and honors your truth differently…

Without generic strategies and tactics.

We walk you through step-by-step how to take your biz to the next level by using your dharma as your north star.

The curriculum combines the intuitive, free-flowing nature of your soul's calling with practical business tactics…

So you can fill your calendar with breakthrough calls, go from conversation to conversion with ease, create a consistent flow of clients, and confidently charge top dollar for your transformational services.

Soul Business Mastery helps you:

Introducing Soul Business Mastery…

"I almost hit my first $10K month, signed 3 more clients, and secured 3 corporate workshops. I've had over 20+ paid 1:1 clients and I now have a waitlist! One of my current clients is actually a DCI student and it has been so fulfilling and inspiring being able to support a fellow DCI sister in her soul purpose and coaching journey, and I know for a fact she is going to explode/expand soon!"

"I left my job in sales and marketing after a decade for a role that leveraged my coaching skills with a $30K boost to my base salary. I've launched my private coaching practice, and I’m working to further diversify my revenue streams."

-Kai Simmonds

 - Liz Caffarelli

Clarify your niche so you’re an F yes for clients

Create irresistible offers that sell with ease so you can turn this into a full-time business as soon as possible

Become confident with talking about your offer so you hit it out of the park every time

Create a riveting social media audience that adores you so you attract clients instead of chase them

Find your soulmate clients so you can work with people you love

Understand the energetics of sales so you never have to feel uncomfortable selling

Become a pro at conducting discovery calls with clients so you skip being nervous and stressed

Navigate client resolution & client issues (we’ve been there!)

Learn emotional management in business because it will show up - and we’ll help you be prepared!

Understand how to use AI to automate your business because more ease = the vibe!

Build lead magnets and funnels in your business so you can automate like a ninja

Implement a 30-day marketing plan and soul business blueprint so you can hit the ground running

Lead with accountability in our 60-minute Action Calls so you build momentum every week – and do more in our three months together in your biz than you likely have in your life!

How to use Chat GPT to support your business needs & the types of software to use in your small biz

How to price your offers & create an offer stack as you grow

Energetics of sales & energetics of making offers

Create your 30-day Marketing Plan with the Soul Business Blueprint


Month 3: Marketing/ Pricing

Here’s What You Gain in Soul Business Mastery

This program provides you with training and tools from world-renowned coaches and immerses you in a community committed to helping you to take aligned action and see real results - right now.

Now more than ever the world needs you to share your gifts so that we can make it a better place for all of us.

That’s why we show you how to breathe life into your business and get in front of dream clients with our go-to methods and strategies - so your spiritual business magnetizes those you’d love to work with and enables you to make waves in this world.

During these 3 months of coaching from Sahara Rose & Dr. Neeta Bhushan, we have Weekly Live Calls and Action Calls for you to practice, get experience, network, and create momentum in your life and business.

On top of that, you receive pre-recorded content and recorded calls!

Here’s what we dive in the Soul Business Mastery Program:

Month 1: Mastering Clarity, Focus & Confidence in Growing your Soul Biz

Connecting to your WHY

Choosing your niche and clarifying your message

How to create an irresistible offer

How to be authentic on social media for your business

Where to find your clients (online & offline)

Conducting every step of a discovery call

Common client issues

Setting you, the leader of your soul biz, up for long-term success

Month 2: Understanding your client journey

“Since going through this program, my perspective on my life and the possibilities that I see for myself have completely changed…

Not only have I realized the potential that I have to be a successful, supporting, and transformational Dharma Coach, but I have actualized that for myself.

I am now embodying my dharma way more authentically since the beginning of this program…and I’ve already signed up 4 paying clients!

If you’re a DCI grad and you know you have a lot to offer to the know exactly how you want to change the world… but you just need an extra push on some other areas in your coaching business, I wholeheartedly recommend this program.”

"I’ve had a total of 10 paid clients, while also taking a 4-5 month break on maternity leave! One of my biggest wins financially was when I finally decided to raise my price to $2,200 knowing everything that I’ve put into this work, and there was no hesitation on the other side when my clients said yes. Crazy!"

- Amanda Sevilla

- Rashida

Apply Now

This is for you ONLY  if you’re ready to…

Confidently own your skills, your worth, and your unique genius as a Spiritual Coach

Be intentional about the next 3 months and fully commit to blossoming your purpose and your passion into a business that serves your soul’s purpose

Imagine if 3 months from now you could:

 - keelie rae

"This program not only provided me with the exact strategies I needed to build an income-generating and soul-aligned business, but it also helped me heal and expand as a coach and leader in the industry in ways I never could have imagined.

Today, I’m now co-creating courses and group coaching programs with other dharma coaches from this program’s community, and I get to wake up every day and live out my mission as a soul purpose coach. this program has helped me open up my heart in ways I’ve never known, and I’m truly a better and wiser coach now because of it! 


Show up, take action, attend classes, and do the work weekly because you’re serious about making your coaching career your full-time purpose

Create concrete and lasting change and commit to shedding your fears, beliefs, and past traumas to create the life and career you know you’re meant for

Invest in yourself and your business. Because if you put in the work, you will get results and make the money back, and you’ll do it much quicker with proven, actionable steps and guidance

Walk away with the tools and wisdom that it took years for us to develop and hone

Courageously manifest your vision for your life and business and take specific action to make that vision your actual lived reality

Generate an abundance of clients who are eagerly waiting to work with you, and create wealth for yourself while making a huge impact on their lives

Own a successful spiritual business that provides you with the freedom of spiritual alignment in every aspect of your life

Discover the specific marketing tools and tactics that actually work for you to remove the overwhelm and stress of trying to market like everybody else

And, most importantly, run your business and your life with your dharma, soul purpose, at the forefront!

Integrate your authentic self into your brand so you never again have to live two lives and identities and can be fully you, all the time

Apply Now

Higher education allows you to quantum leap realities.

Being trained by someone (and in this case, two people!) who has done exactly what you want to do (multi-seven figure coaching businesses, authors, speakers, creative pursuits!) is like taking a cheat code to move quicker into your reality, with greater ease and flow.

It will create that steady stream of consistent clients so you can build a sustainable coaching business that will eventually let you replace your current career and focus on your dharma, full-time.

It’s only through a guided strategy, consistent practice, and a supportive community that you’ll be able to get the momentum you need to make this your reality.

Don’t let the overwhelm of business be the thing that’s holding you back from sharing your message with the world.

Let us guide you on how to make the strategy, a little less stressful, a lot more soulful (and a WHOLE lotta fun!)


Our sole purpose is for you to find your soul’s purpose.

Doors for Soul Business Mastery close soon!

We’re blown away by the number of beautiful souls we meet who are making waves in this world and refusing to settle for anything less than rising to their highest selves.

We want to thank you for allowing us to walk alongside you and guide you on one of the most important journeys of your life.

That’s why we want to make working with us to take aligned action in your business as easy and affordable as possible.

We guarantee you’ll make the money back in the first 12 months of the program or we return your money - if you can submit that you have done all of the work and you have not seen results. That’s how much we believe in the program.

3 Monthly Payments

Single Payment

$1,247 USD

join now

join now

$3,479 USD

Have further questions about Soul Business Mastery?

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For a limited time, we’re giving you game-changing tools and training to get you tangible results fast.

Total Value of Bonuses: $1,782


Soulcial Kit done-for-you templates (valued at $297)

Conquering Your Abundance Blocks with Ajit Nawalkha (valued at $297)

5 Messaging Secrets With Alex Cattoni (valued at $297)

Persuasive Storytelling with Jenn Kem (valued at $297)

Writing Techniques To Attract Your Audience With Syris King-Klem (valued at $297)

How To 10x Your Publicity With Selena Soo (valued at $297)

Learn how to grow and expand in leaps and bounds from other experts and world-renowned leaders who are at the forefront of their fields.

In these bonuses, you’ll get:

How do you know if this is for YOU?


Are you ready for a strong, purpose-led community to propel you forward?

Are you ready to save precious time and energy and skip the stress of second-guessing your approach?

Are you ready to learn how to balance the masculine energies of business strategy with the feminine energies of your dharma to stay in alignment and action?

Are you ready to identify and overcome your blind spots in a powerful way when you have world-renowned coaches in your corner?

Are you ready to expand and grow in uncomfortable, beautiful ways that will propel you to rise, soar, and fully live your soul’s purpose?

If this speaks to your heart and aligns with your soul, here’s how to get started!


"Being a part of this program has truly been such a transformational journey so far…

I’ve been able to gain deeper clarity on my niche and hone in on serving daughters of immigrants.

I’m deepening my practice of magnetism, not only in my personal life but also for the foundational building of my coaching business as well.

And it’s been a constant reminder that intuitive and aligned action is how I will continue to navigate building my empire and most importantly, serving my community.

I’m beyond grateful to be a part of the inaugural cohort and ready for more ascension!”

“Before this program, I struggled with a lack of confidence, and through the container of challenging me to post reels on Instagram and challenging me to contribute more on Zoom calls, my confidence has grown 10 fold…in fact, I don’t even recognize myself anymore.

Since this program has started, I have become an official coach and in a shamanic community I am a member of,...I lead bi-weekly workshops with guided meditations with the other students which I’ve always wanted to do and I never thought was possible.

Thank you for this container…thank you for showing us all that all possibilities are valid! I am truly grateful.”


- marcella


You might be wondering…

How long is this program?

It’s 3 months, and it starts January 17th, 2023, and goes until April 15th, 2023. There are 14 calls and 12 weeks of content.

How is this different than the Dharma Coaching Institute certification?

Think of DCI as the foundation and certification for coaching and Soul Business Mastery is the next step in taking your business to the next level.

There will always be more to read and learn, but this program is about getting you into motion so that you can take everything you already know and apply it to create incredible transformations for your clients and flex your business-building muscles.

Soul Business Mastery is led by two self-made soul-aligned multiple 7-figure authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs Sahara Rose and Dr. Neeta Bhushan and Master Coach Jill MacKenzie. This program helps you take action and puts accountability at the forefront.

This isn’t the kind of learning you get by reading a book and working through course material - this is where you learn through action and application, and we use our own cheer squad, soul tribe, and expert guides to keep you in motion.

How is this program different from other business courses?

This is the only program in the world that teaches you how to run a thriving, soul-led business with your own unique purpose guiding the way.

You don’t even have to have a business at all just yet. It’s actually incredible preparation, as you’ll learn right off the bat how to market and run your business in alignment with you and your unique dharma, instead of having to unlearn generic systems and strategies that never worked in the first place!

Joining Soul Business Mastery in this early stage of your spiritual career will save you so much time and energy in the long run because you’ll be guided from the very beginning by industry experts who have taken all the ‘wrong turns’ themselves so that you won’t have to.

Do I need to be a graduate of Highest Self Institute (DCI) to join Soul Business Mastery?

No! We welcome anyone who wants to make their coaching or spiritual business a priority.

When will the live Q&A Calls and Action Calls take place?

Tuesdays at 11 am - 12 pm PST for the Action Calls
Wednesdays at 10 am - 11 am PST for the Live Q&A Calls

How much time do I need to dedicate each week?

You will need to set aside 2 hours each week for the live calls. The time dedicated to strategy and action will be completely dependent upon you.

The more you put into the program, the more you will get out. The more you take action on what you’re learning inside the program, the better and more tangible results you will see.

What is your refund policy?

You can sign up for Soul Business Mastery absolutely risk-free thanks to our 7-day money-back guarantee, starting on the day the program begins. In other words, you can try this experience for a full 7 days before deciding if it's the right fit for you. If you feel that it's not a great fit for whatever reason, just reach out to our customer service team and you'll get your investment back.

We also guarantee you’ll make the money back in the first 12 months of the program or we return your money - if you can submit that you have done all of the work and you have not seen results. That’s how much we believe in the program.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We are offering a 3-month payment plan for 3 payments of $1,247.

How long will I have access to this content?

Soul Business Mastery was designed to get you off the ground, but you will have access as long as we are running this program. However, we do recommend implementing and saving any materials you need.

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