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This methodology became the framework of Dharma Coaching Institute, where she partnered with her dear friends author Dr. Neeta Bhushan and business extraordinaire Ajit Nawalka to create the first ever certification that trained Soul Purpose (Dharma) and Spiritual Life Coaches.

And then the vision kept expanding. After overcoming the most challenging chapter of her life yet, her divorce, Sahara created the Triple-E Method that became the methodology for their Embodiment Certification, paired with Dr. Neeta’s experience of also going through a painful divorce and losing both her parents and brother before 19. 

They took a stance - that your pain is related to your purpose - and empowered thousands to realize that within their greatest obstacles lie their greatest offerings to the world.

She believes each person is here to naturally be the solution of a world’s problem through following their truth and sharing their full expression.

The seeds of Highest Self Institute began when Sahara Rose wished she had a place to dive deeper into the spiritual topics she was passionate about, in a way that was grounded, modern and relatable. She hit “publish” on the Highest Self Podcast in 2017, and the rest was history. It went on to become the #1 spiritual podcast on iTunes with over 35 million downloads to date.

Along that journey, Sahara published multiple books, including Discover Your Dharma with foreword by the eminent Deepak Chopra. The proprietary Dharma Blueprint method shared in this book helped tens of thousands of people find their purpose and was so fool-proof, that she knew she needed to pass along this wisdom to empower others to create the ripple effect of the world living their dharma.

A Vision with Purpose

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We created Highest Self Institute as the premier spiritual coaching institute that offers trustworthy, reliable and high-quality certifications in a range of grounded spiritual topics, from dharma to embodiment to Human Design. 

Our one-of-a-kind approach combines Eastern and Western wisdom to empower and equip students to use their healing to light up the world, rise to their callings, and build careers in devotion to their truth.

We train our students to create thriving careers for themselves as Soul Purpose, Spiritual Life and Embodiment Coaches, from creating their own private practice, to launching books, to speaking on stages, to corporate wellness and beyond. 

We believe the world becomes a better place when women are handsomely rewarded for their feminine gifts of holding space, listening and offering guidance and we have supported thousands into creating abundant careers doing what they do best - connecting with others on a soul level.

Expand Into Your Highest Self and Create Extraordinary Abundance

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We stand for the liberation of the feminine in her full expression. Our certifications honor the heart, emotions, creativity, intuition and creating your own unique path.

We believe that within your pain lives your purpose. That your darkest moments were the fertile soil from which your calling was planted.

We believe in the domino effect that naturally happens when people step into their mission and inspire others to do the same. 

We believe healing is worthy of the highest abundance. We release old stories of martyrdom and the wounded healer archetype and encourage our coaches to think bigger and recognize their worth.

We’re honored to help you put your heart, intuition, womb and soul’s purpose first. 

A few things We beleive

We believe in creating beautiful tapestries with our lives that reflect our souls’ true purpose. 

We believe everyone should be honored and celebrated for their unique journey and gifts. 

Join us for our coaching certifications, online courses, our annual Highest Self Weekend event, and so much more!

We help you uncover where you are on your purpose journey and gently guide you to flourish and expand into your highest self.

Whether you’re seeking your purpose or desiring to make a career out of helping others find theirs, we’re here for you every step of the way.

If you’re anything like us, you might be the rainbow sheep because you ask deeper questions and refuse to settle for less than what lights your soul up. If that’s you, you’ve found your people and a tight-knit community to uplift, inspire, and support you. 

We’re a community of multifaceted, heart-centered, diverse individuals of different races, gender orientations, ages, abilities, backgrounds, and gifts. We welcome you, your journey, and all you’ve overcome with open arms. 

Let’s Find Your Inner Magic

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Sahara Rose

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Meet Our Founders

Sahara Rose has been called “a leading voice of the millennial generation into the new paradigm” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the foreword of her three books. She is the best-selling author of Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, which Dharma Coaching Institute is originally based on, Eat Feel Fresh, and The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda, as well as A Yogic Path Deck + Journal. 

She is the host of the Highest Self Podcast, the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes with over 35 million downloads and 7,000+ 5-star reviews. She is known for her powerful yet compassionate voice and ability to channel universal wisdom to the masses in an approachable way. She is also the founder of Rose Gold Goddesses, a sacred feminine mystery school. 

A world-renowned expert in dharma, sacred feminine, embodiment, ayurveda, and spirituality, Sahara has devoted the last decade of her life and over 20,000 hours of tireless writing, speaking, and teaching to raise the vibration of the planet. She has empowered millions to discover their dharma so they can create conscious abundance, joy, freedom, and purpose in their lives and collectively raise the vibration of the planet. 

Sahara has been featured on world-renowned media channels including the cover of Yoga Journal and within Forbes, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and NBC. As a top-ranked speaker, she’s graced the stages of Google, Facebook, and major conferences. Sahara believes in making the spiritual journey fun and relatable, and she brings her humor, wisdom, and joy to Dharma Coaching Institute.

Sahara Rose

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a world-renowned emotional health educator, award-winning author, & host of her top-rated podcast The Brave Table. Known as the queen of reinvention, and foremost speaker on grit & resilience, she has shared her thought leadership on international stages (including the Women’s Economic Forum in India, Google HQ, Leadercast Women, & Mindvalley) and in multiple best-selling books including her newest 3x award-winning book, That Sucked Now What? How to embrace the joy in chaos & find magic in the mess. Neeta has been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC, ABC, CBS, Chicago Today, Women’s Business Magazine, LaWeekly, Grazia, Verve, Tatler Magazine and more. 

Dr. Neeta sold her large million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, to help others find magic in their mess. As part of her own journey to becoming a leader in her field and a voice for women & women of color, she traveled across 45 countries researching human behavior, ancient eastern philosophy and therapeutic psychology. 

She pooled that learning along with other life experiences overcoming multiple adversities, which include being orphaned at nineteen, surviving an abusive marriage, and extensive loss, contributed to the powerful message of resilience & grit to have found several institutes, including the Global GRIT Institute, a wellness education platform for optimizing emotional wellbeing for entrepreneurs, and Co-Founder of Dharma Coaching Institute, an organization helping to train thousands to be the highest versions of themselves. Dr. Neeta lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Master Coach

Abmari Saez 

Master Coach

Jill MacKenzie

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Meet Our Master Coaches

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Jill is your not-so-typical Certified Dharma Coach, Business Coach, and Yoga Therapist. Picture this: a blend of wisdom from the boardroom and the yoga mat, sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. Yeah, that's her!

With over 15 years of experience in corporate operations management and logistics, Jill juggled the intricacies of multiple businesses. From high school teacher, to systems planning to orchestrating the seamless movement of remote workers for big-league organizations. 

But here's the twist: she’s a multi-passionate, hard-working individual who wasn't feeling the vibes of a high school classroom or a corporate office. So, Jill embarked on a journey of wellness certifications: Holistic Nutrition, Yoga Teacher Training (including Pre/Post-Natal and Doula Certification), and eventually Yoga Therapy, Dharma Coaching, and Business Coaching and Consulting.

Despite her success in the corporate world, something was missing. She had the degrees (Education & Physical Education), the logistics career, and even started working for a company with values she admired. But fulfillment? That was still elusive.

Enter her passion for coaching and a deep desire to make a real impact. Now, she bridges these two worlds. She works directly with companies, coaching Executives and Employees to bring out their best, while also guiding passionate individuals like you to build aligned lives and businesses. 

She is a Mother of two, a Master Coach with the Dharma Coaching Institute where she trains and teaches others to find and follow their purpose and side-hustles as an artist and creator. (Multi-passionate, remember?)

Master Coach

Jill MacKenzie

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Abmari is an old soul experiencing life in the modern world. She has been a reiki practitioner and energy healer for over 5 years, with Usui and Antojai as her background. Her focus is ushering healing through incorporating ancient traditions and tools with practical application and joyful play! Along with energy healing, she is a certified trauma-informed breathwork facilitator, Shaman, and Spiritual Life Coach, working primarily with women, especially BIPOC individuals, who want to experience life to the fullest.

Abmari spent much of her early adulthood searching for her place in the world, getting multiple degrees in Communication, Graphic Design, and a Master’s in Business Administration, putting them to use in numerous industries, including fashion, technology, insurance, and property management. Although she saw success in each role she obtained, something was always off in her heart and soul.

After the impactful hardship of losing her home to a fire, she found mediation. She deepened her healing work, allowing herself to return to her roots of child-like exploration, play, and learning to personally research the fields of quantum physics and mechanics, human behavior, ancient Eastern philosophy & medicine, and therapeutic psychology. 

This immersive experience saw Abmari come out in service of others in the most significant way possible, blending her acquired knowledge and assisting business owners, students, creatives, and leaders from places all over the world to find their passion, follow their bliss, and live a life full of purpose just like she was able to. She leads international retreats of healing and joy, is a Master Coach with Highest Self Institute, and spends all her free time caring for animals.

Master Coach

Abmari Saez

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