As a world-renowned Spiritual Coaching Institute, we provide a variety of certifications + courses that are equal parts soul and strategy. We have successfully graduated over 2,500 coaches in our proprietary methods who have created thriving careers and lives through our trainings. We call ourselves a portal of transformation!

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Highest Self Institute

Human Design, Sensuality, Divine Feminine, and more!

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21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey

21 Day Dharma Discovery Journey

Speak with Soul

Speak with Soul

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Soul Business Mastery

Soul Business Mastery

Accelerate your business with aligned action and accountability

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Certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) & Spiritual Life Coach


This is the second section of business of coaching where you’ll explore what it takes to create powerful sales pitches, enroll clients into your offer, create captivating content, and get noticed as a coach. You’ll have everything you need to launch your lucrative coaching business. You’ll begin to take all of your knowledge and wisdom and apply it to your business so you can start inspiring your clients, sharing your message and creating the impact you were born to make.

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Sharing Your Message With The World

month Six

Dive deep into the business of coaching and understand the exact system you need to build a sustainable coaching business, find your ideal customer, and your ideal niche. You’ll have full clarity of who you want to serve (your ideal clients), why you want to serve them, and how! This is by far the most important month where you will explore how you want to position yourself as a coach, and how you can take everything you’ve learned and apply it in your coaching sessions in your own unique way.

The Business Of Coaching: Building With Sustainability and Integrity

month Five

Learn how to work with different human design types in your coaching practice so you can best serve a wide range of clients. You’ll practice leaning into your intuition and maintaining energetic hygiene so you can fully integrate and recharge after having transformational coaching sessions with your clients and doing deep inner work. You’ll feel equipped to use your gifts to support different human design types in your coaching practice and know how to create a safe container for your clients to embody their dharma.

Intuition Training and Integrating Your Soul’s Purpose

month Four

Explore how to powerfully coach your clients with the Dharma Chakra System and Blueprint while also applying the learnings to your own life. You’ll be ready to create a safe space for your clients to heal and transform and have the tools needed to support their growth journey.

Living Your Dharma: Chakras, Embodiment and Crafting A Unique Dharma Blueprint

month Three

Start building on the basics! Now that you have a solid foundation for your coaching practice, it’s time to dive deeper into the Dharma Discovery Method to create a unique and one-of-a-kind experience for your clients. You’ll feel confident in coaching your clients with the Dharma Discovery Method and be able to lead them through unforgettable soul aligned coaching sessions that guide them towards their purpose.

Coaching with the Dharma (Soul Purpose) Discovery Method

month Two

Create a powerful foundation for your coaching practice as you discover exactly what it takes to effectively & fiercely coach others, support your clients, and build a powerful, long-term client relationship that will allow your business to flourish. You will build a strong foundation for your coaching business and have the knowledge it takes to create a powerful and transformational experience for your clients during your sessions together.

Master The Fundamentals Of Coaching & The Dharma (Soul Purpose) Coaching Framework

month one

Here is what our curriculum entails:

The first and only Dharma Coaching Certification in the world- and ICF recognized. This is our signature 6-month certification where you will dive into the core foundations of what it takes to be a world-class, double-certified Soul Purpose (Dharma) + Spiritual Life Coach. By the end of this program, you’ll fully embody what it means to be a powerful conduit for others, build your successful career or business, & inspire your clients and community to do the same.

Certified Embodiment Coach 


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It’s time to bring your wisdom out into the world! Now that you are certified in the Triple E Embodiment Method™, you’ll gain clarity on what is next in your path and how to integrate this work into your world.

Module 12: Incorporating The Triple E Embodiment Method™ Into Your Practice

We’ll help you solve common misconceptions about being a new coach and guide you through the transformative power of sharing your personal story. By seamlessly integrating various aspects of your life and previous training, you will have a unique embodiment coaching experience for your clients. This module will empower you to step into your coaching mastery with confidence, making a lasting impact.

Module 11: Authentic Coaching Mastery

Art is the greatest healer. You’ll learn how to utilize creative practices including singing, art therapy, poetry, dance, and improv into your coaching practice to unlock deeper levels of awareness and self-expression.

Module 10: Creativity As Healing

It’s time to move past information and into integration. You’ll unleash the power of Embodied Coaching in your practice through the art of holding space, staying grounded, and trusting the transformative process. You’ll also discover the vital role of boundaries and learn how to set and maintain them effectively so you can elevate your coaching impact.

Module 9: Integration & Boundaries

Month 3: Express

Now let’s put it into action! In this module, you’ll learn the art of an embodiment practice and how you can guide your clients through one for transformational change. This allows you to create shifts going beyond the mind and the stories it tells, and instead to the root cause of where these emotions are stored.

Module 8: Embodiment Practices

One of the most ancient forms of healing is dance. In this module, you’ll experience the healing power of dance and embodied movement that transcends boundaries and unlocks your body’s innate wisdom. You’ll learn about the Shakti feminine approach to spirituality which is all about movement and rooting into the body rather than transcending it. You’ll also explore the unspoken language of your body, decode your clients' non-verbal cues, gain valuable insights and open up transformative possibilities in your coaching journey.

Module 7: Movement As Medicine

Your body is speaking to you. Can you speak it’s language to listen? In this module, you’ll discover the transformative power of listening to your body's wisdom as it communicates its unique needs and desires. You’ll gain awareness of the nuances of your body, which you can then translate into your coaching practice. The deeper we embody within ourselves, the deeper we can go with our clients.

Module 6: Conversation With Your Body

The body holds onto cellular memory of everything we’ve experienced. When you understand the language of the body, you become free. In this module, you’ll learn about the connection between your emotional and body pain using the Emotional Pain Body Chart and Ayurvedic wisdom. You will also dive deeper into practice coaching for a more embodied experience.

Module 5: The Body As A Guide

Month Two: Embody

Let’s bridge your highest self’s wisdom through. You’ll be able to understand the unique voice of your highest self and how it’s not actually outside or above you but rather is your fullest expression. You’ll understand the body as the pathway to actualization, the power of questioning your beliefs and connecting to your true nature.

Module 4: The Highest Self

Now it’s time to let that inner teenager out to play. This is the archetype within you that wants to rebel, be free, seen, and heard. You’ll dive into conditioning, boundaries, sexuality, heartbreak, and the longing for belonging so you can reach the level of your self-discovery and help people do the same.

Module 3: The Inner Teenager

It all begins with the inner child. You’ll learn about how your inner child’s unmet needs have informed your emotional experience today. You’ll also learn about the nervous system and its approach in somatic healing so you can deeply heal, transform, and become aware of your feelings.

Module 2: The Inner Child

We start from the ground up. You’ll immediately begin practicing our Our Triple E Embodiment Method™, which comprises of Emotion, Embodiment, and Expression. You’ll learn about the 5 Personality Patterns and the way our bodies tell the stories of our pasts – and how we can clear them.

Module 1: The Body-Centric Approach to Healing

Month One: Emote

Here is what our curriculum entails:

This is our latest 3-month certification that will train you to incorporate your body’s wisdom into your healing process - both for yourself and future clients. Our Triple E Embodiment Method™ connects Emotions, Embodiment, and Expression so you can become an artful Embodiment Coach, and apply the learnings both in your personal and professional lives.

Soul Business Mastery 



  • How to use Chat GPT to support your business needs & the types of software to use in your small biz
  • How to price your offers & create an offer stack as you grow
  • Energetics of sales & energetics of making offers
  • Create your 30-day Marketing Plan with the Soul Business Blueprint

Marketing & Pricing  

  • Where to find your clients (online & offline)
  • Conducting every step of a discovery call
  • Common client issues
  • Setting you, the leader of your soul biz, up for long-term success

Understanding Your Client's Journey

  • Connecting to your WHY
  • Choosing your niche and clarifying your message
  • How to create an irresistible offer
  • How to be authentic on social media for your business

Mastering Clarity, Focus & Confidence in Growing your Soul Biz

Here is what our business program entails:

This is our latest 3-month business program with everything you need to make coaching your full-time business. Soul Business Mastery is for those looking to accelerate their growth with aligned action and accountability.

month one

month Three

month Two

Launched a flourishing private coaching practice, received a 32k raise and accelerated her trajectory tenfold.


Paid for the program with her first couple of clients and unearthed parts of herself she didn’t even know she wanted.


Got an international book deal and charges top-tier prices for work full of love, connection and magic.


Exploded and expanded within 8 months, grew a waitlist of dream clients and is almost at her first $10k month.


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