Student Stories


“Since graduating I've had over 20+ paid 1:1 clients and I now have a waitlist! One of my current clients is actually a DCI student and honestly it has been so fulfilling and inspiring being able to support a fellow DCI sister in her soul purpose and coaching journey, and I know for a fact she is going to explode/expand soon! I've even had several clients who have finished their coaching program with me and asked to continue to work with me.”

“In April 2023, I almost hit my first $10K month, signed 3 more clients, and secured 3 corporate workshops. Considering I only started in August 2022 and have been doing all this while working a full time 9-5 job, this has been a huge win!”


“I've launched my private coaching practice, and I’m working to further diversify my revenue streams. I'm sleeping better, meditating daily as a devotion, exercising daily, and much calmer. I show up as a more confident, kind partner, parent, friend, and business person and for the first time since I was a child I'm prioritizing play.”

“Since joining DCI I left my job in sales and marketing after a decade for a role that leveraged my coaching skills with a $30K boost to my base salary”

- Rachael Cohen

“I just manifested an amazing job where I’m charging my top-tier prices for four days of exciting and aligned work! I am no longer feeling nervous or unworthy around my book launch and I just found out that my publishing house sold my new book to 3 different foreign houses so the book will be printed in Estonian, German and French!

“Since starting DCI I have booked 8 clients, with 2 new clients onboarding this week”

- Rashida McCoy

“One of my biggest wins financially was when I finally decided to raise my price to $2,200 knowing everything that I’ve put into this work, and there was no hesitation on the other side when my clients said yes. Crazy! Being in DCI allowed me to really show my value and what I can offer to a client. I wanted to be able to pay for the program with my first couple of clients and I did. DCI also pulled a podcast out of me and showed me parts of myself that I didn’t even know I wanted, and now I have an awesome podcast with a bestie of mine who also went through DCI. One of the biggest things I got out of DCI was the relationships I made. If you are looking to expand on your gifts and step into a space that you never knew was possible for you like me then you are ready for DCI and DCI is ready for you!”

“Since I graduated, I’ve had a total of 10 paid clients, while also taking a 4-5 month break on maternity leave!”

- Jill MacKenzie

“DCI was profoundly life-changing for me. As a mother to two young girls, it is my biggest honor to prove to them that you can make an expansive living doing what you LOVE. In addition to my corporate clients, I’m also facilitating corporate retreats, workshops and collaborating in new projects as a coach to the change management process. I also coach private clients and host wellness and spiritual programs in my community and online. I’ve been invited to speak at conferences, and just launched my first Mastermind with an associate. And to top all this off, I am now the Lead Coach in Dharma Coaching Institute where I get to share with the students how they can make their dreams come true as well. DCI gave me the tools I needed to confidently step into the direction of my dharma, and there’s no limit to where it will take me next.”

“In less than 2 years since graduating DCI, I went from being a 9-5 employee at a logistics company to owning my own business as their Corporate Coach and Consultant, at 4x the hourly wage!”

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