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Transform Your Life And Career By Moving Beyond The Mind And Into The Body With Our Embodiment Coaching Certification

In just 12 weeks, Master one of the most powerful transformational somatic skills rooted in science and spirituality, unlocking your potential as a leader, coach, and transformational teacher. 

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We've Been Conditioned To Believe In Mind Over Matter,

 When In Reality It’s Our Bodies That Hold The Answers

Have you ever heard phrases like, "If you believe it, you'll achieve it" and "If you aren’t making your goals happen, you’re lazy!”

Research suggests that one in three Americans carry some sort of trauma from their childhood or early adulthood. That means there’s a 33% chance that you have unconscious trauma that you’ve been holding on to.

It is also found that more women tend to experience these traumatic events. If you are a woman or a person from the LGBTQ+ community, it's even more likely you have had experiences like these.

Yet, most solutions to help heal these traumas come from the world of research centered on men. This is why most trauma work focuses on the mind.

Your mind is powerful, but the code to really change your life is hidden in your body.

You aren’t living your best life because you’re carrying blocks based on survival mechanisms within your body—the same blocks you once believed would keep you safe.

When you release these stored emotional traumas from your body, you unlock the healing wisdom within you.

This is how you can begin connecting to your gut feeling and intuitive guidance—listening to the little nudges before they manifest into greater pain.

You see, most of our human suffering is unnecessary. It comes from holding onto emotional patterns in the body that need to be felt and experienced to be freed. Uncovering these roadblocks and accessing our full spectrum range enables us to become our most expressive, radiant, and alive selves.

You’ve probably realized the limitations of mindset-only coaching and are ready to explore embodied coaching more deeply, both for yourself and others.

We at Highest Self Institute developed the Triple E Embodiment Method™ connecting emotions, embodiment, and expression for an integrative and holistic approach to healing that includes all of you.

We developed a 12-week process where we show you how to embrace your shadows and integrate them into your light, allowing you to see the gifts in your most significant obstacles and how they guide you to your highest offerings.

You will discover how you can achieve a lasting transformation by fully living and experiencing life through the rich diversity of your body's sensations.

When you wholeheartedly inhabit your body—moving, feeling, breathing, and dancing—you'll transition from a stagnant existence to a fully embraced life.

And it makes you feel like your mental willpower is the problem – it’s only half true.

Introducing the Triple E Embodiment Method™

Programs at the Highest Self Institute are designed with years of learning and testing. This is why, unlike other coaching programs that solely focus on skill development, the Triple E Embodiment Method goes beyond mental-level only coaching and dives into the somatic level so you can create lasting transformation for yourself and your clients. It comprises of:


The first month will take you on a journey through your inner child, inner teenager, and highest self. You’ll learn how to see emotions as a powerful guidance tool to help you understand what your deeper unmet needs are and how to allow them to move through your body so you feel emotional range and liberation.


We then dive into the body’s sensory language so you can become a channel for the emotions and energy streaming through you. You will ignite your being through dance, movement, and breath to harness the power of physical integration and anchor lasting change deep within you and for your clients.


It’s time to express this wisdom out in the world. The third month will prepare you to create a thriving career as a Certified Embodiment Coach with confidence, wisdom, and awareness.

Certified Embodiment Coaching Certification

Highest Self Institute Presents..

This unique 12-week online coaching certificate program is designed for clients who want to address obstacles to achieving their goals, realizing their life vision, transforming stuck patterns, and strengthening relationships.

This program is for you if:

1. You’d like to master a new professional skill set that you can use to help your loved ones and even yourself adopt new patterns of thinking, new levels of peak performance, and freedom from traumas that have held you back.

2. You’re a coach looking to increase your impact and income by mastering one of the modern modalities that help deliver game-changing breakthroughs in your life or health coaching.

3. You’re looking for a new career and income stream: one that’s fast and easy to set up with the proper support, rewards you for making a positive impact, and opens you to a limitless lifestyle and financial freedom by becoming your own boss.

6 Reasons to Become a Certified Embodiment Coach

  • Reunite with your body’s inner wisdom so you can finally speak its language and listen, connecting you to your infinite creativity.

  • Liberate yourself from old stories, traumas, and limiting beliefs to become your most embodied self.

  • Start a new career this year; even if your current career is satisfying, create another income by creating a coaching program that generates additional income.

  • Charge a higher fee as a coach. With the additional skill of being an Embodiment Coach, you can now charge a higher fee for your coaching packages. You can also offer other coaching packages that are more congruent with embodiment practice, like intensives, workshops, retreats, and more.

  • Maximize your personal potential. As you train to be a certified coach, you practice these methodologies on yourself, releasing blocks, traumas, and hidden belief systems unconsciously governing your life.

  • Lead an impactful and fulfilling career. When you coach someone powerfully, you change their lives. A career that is based on the foundation of impacting lives is the most impactful and fulfilling career one could hope for.

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Here's What Our Students Say About
Our Coaching Institute...

Not Sure If You Want To Become An Embodiment Coach? There Are Two Ways To Do The Program

For Your Own Education + Healing 

To Create A New Career As A Certified Embodiment Coach

  • You’ll immerse yourself in the highest level of embodiment and find alignment between your mind, body, and intuition.

  • You’ll release the patterns holding you back from being your complete self and feel every emotion of your body.

  • You’ll let go of the fear of the outer world, their expectations, and their judgments and come back to home - your inner self.

  • You’d be able to help your family and friends to emote, embody, and express their feelings so they can be their best selves by being both, emotionally, and mentally present.

  • You’d be able to navigate life’s challenges and embody your emotional resilience, embrace authenticity, and step into a purposefully-fulfilled life.
  • You’ll unlock the transformative power of The Triple E Embodiment Method™ so you can help your clients with profound healing by guiding them into their body, movement, and breath.

  • You’ll say goodbye to mental-level-only teachings and achieve lasting transformation for your clients while working with the body.

  • You’ll go deep into embodiment, emotions, and expression to create tangible results and accelerate your professional growth.

  • You’ll see the value of working with the body that will set you apart from 99% of the coaches out there.

  • You’ll be ready to step into your spiritual practice & live life from the wisdom of your inner world rather than for the acceptance of the outer world. 


See What's Inside The 12-Core Modules

We have designed a deep and thorough curriculum to prepare you for whatever shows up on your journey of achieving lasting change for yourself and the people around you.


Module 1:
The Body-Centric Approach
to Healing 

Module 2:
The Inner Child

Module 3:
The Inner Teenager

Module 4:
The Highest Self

We start from the ground up. You’ll immediately begin practicing our Triple E Embodiment Method™, which comprises of Emotion, Embodiment, and Expression. You’ll learn about the 5 Personality Patterns and the way our bodies tell the stories of our pasts – and how we can clear them.

It all begins with the inner child. You’ll learn about how your inner child’s unmet needs have informed your emotional experience today. You’ll also learn about the nervous system and its approach in somatic healing so you can deeply heal, transform, and become aware of your feelings.

Now it’s time to let that inner teenager out to play. This is the archetype within you that wants to rebel, be free, seen, and heard. You’ll dive into conditioning, boundaries, sexuality, heartbreak, and the longing for belonging so you can reach the level of your self-discovery and help people do the same.

Let’s bridge your highest self’s wisdom through. You’ll be able to understand the unique voice of your highest self and how it’s not actually outside or above you but rather is your fullest expression. You’ll understand the body as the pathway to actualization, the power of questioning your beliefs and connecting to your true nature.  


Module 7:
Movement As Medicine

Module 8:
Embodiment Practices

The body holds onto cellular memory of everything we’ve experienced. When you understand the language of the body, you become free. In this module, you’ll learn about the connection between your emotional and body pain using the Emotional Pain Body Chart and Ayurvedic wisdom. You will also dive deeper into practice coaching for a more embodied experience.

Your body is speaking to you. Can you speak it’s language to listen? In this module, you’ll discover the transformative power of listening to your body's wisdom as it communicates its unique needs and desires. You’ll gain awareness of the nuances of your body, which you can then translate into your coaching practice. The deeper we embody within ourselves, the deeper we can go with our clients.

One of the most ancient forms of healing is dance. In this module, you’ll experience the healing power of dance and embodied movement that transcends boundaries and unlocks your body’s innate wisdom. You’ll learn about the Shakti feminine approach to spirituality which is all about movement and rooting into the body rather than transcending it. You’ll also explore the unspoken language of your body, decode your clients' non-verbal cues, gain valuable insights and open up transformative possibilities in your coaching journey.

Now let’s put it into action! In this module, you’ll learn the art of an embodiment practice and how you can guide your clients through one for transformational change. This allows you to create shifts going beyond the mind and the stories it tells, and instead to the root cause of where these emotions are stored.

Module 5:
The Body As A Guide

Module 6:
Conversation With Your Body


Module 11:
Authentic Coaching Mastery

Module 12:
Incorporating The Triple E Embodiment Method™ Into Your Practice

It’s time to move past information and into integration. You’ll unleash the power of Embodied Coaching in your practice through the art of holding space, staying grounded, and trusting the transformative process. You’ll also discover the vital role of boundaries and learn how to set and maintain them effectively so you can elevate your coaching impact.

Art is the greatest healer. You’ll learn how to utilize creative practices including singing, art therapy, poetry, dance, and improv into your coaching practice to unlock deeper levels of awareness and self-expression.

We’ll help you solve common misconceptions about being a new coach and guide you through the transformative power of sharing your personal story. By seamlessly integrating various aspects of your life and previous training, you will have a unique embodiment coaching experience for your clients. This module will empower you to step into your coaching mastery with confidence, making a lasting impact.

It’s time to bring your wisdom out into the world! Now that you are certified in the Triple E Embodiment Method™, you’ll gain clarity on what is next in your path and how to integrate this work into your world.

Module 9:
Integration & Boundaries

* Whether you want to become a coach or not, this phase is going to help you put theory in practice so you can guide others whether they’re your clients, your family, or people you want to help. 

Module 10:
Creativity as Healing

Are You Ready To Let Your Body Guide You & Witness A Lasting Transformation?

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More Testimonials About Our Coaching Institute


7 Daily Embodiment Practices with Sahara Rose

Apply this wisdom into your life with Sahara’s exclusive Daily Embodiment Practices, specifically made for our students. These practices are focused on cultivating specific energies into your day, inclusive of increased pleasure, joy, creativity, expression and freedom, as well as releasing stagnation and anger.

There are both follow-along movement practices, such as twerking (you will receive a full twerkshop by Sahara Rose!), belly dance undulations and somatic shaking, as well as plenty of freedom for you to find your body’s own unique method of movement.

These daily practices are absolute game-changers and will completely shift the way you move, feel and think throughout the day. You can only take your clients as deep as you’ve gone yourself and this is why Daily Embodiment Practices are so necessary as a coach.

VALUE: $797

VALUE: Priceless

Yours FREE with Embodiment Coaching Certification

Yours FREE with Embodiment Coaching Certification

Masterclass With Mind-Body Connection Expert Nate Ortiz

Dive deep with one of the most popular Highest Self podcast guests, Nate Ortiz. Nate is an expert in mind-body connection and answers all the burning questions on embodiment.

Nate’s unique approach for helping his clients heal combines life coaching, nutritional counseling, strength training, conditioning and compassion. But his secret for helping them heal for good gets at the root of his clients’ problems and completely rewires their mind.

When You Enroll for the Embodiment Coaching Certification Today, you will get these exclusive bonuses.



VALUE $8,000

VALUE $8,000





Become a Certified Embodiment Coach Today

  • 12-Week Immersive Embodiment Certification Online Course

  • Weekly Live Q&A calls

  • Weekly Live Coach Training and Practice Pods

  • Bonus: 7-Embodiment Practices

  • Bonus: Masterclass with Mind Body Trainer, Nate Ortiz

Learn In A Live Container With Weekly Interactive Practice Coaching Pods, Q&A Calls With The Founders, and Through Practice, Embodiment, and Mastery

We have designed this certification as a dynamic and adaptable learning experience, fostering a sense of intimacy and accountability.

Layer 1: Weekly Modules

Layer 3: Live Q&A Call

Layer 4: Community Support + Continued Practice

Layer 2: Live Practice Coaching Pods

Time Investment: 1 hour/Week

Time Investment: 1 hour/Week

Time Investment: 1 hour/Week

Time Investment: As much as you want.

These will be value-packed yet juicy video lessons by Sahara Rose and Dr. Neeta Bhushan. We’ll release a module every week, so you can practice while integrating the wisdom. Every module contains several easy-to-understand video lessons, workbooks, and guides.

You'll be welcomed to our virtual community & an intimate group of supportive peers who will all support you in your journey toward embodiment. Our community is the highlight of the certification and helps drive your passion forward!

You’ll hit the ground running with weekly live practice calls. You’ll be in Zoom breakout groups, improve your coaching skills, ask your most pressing questions, and receive detailed feedback from our Master Coach. We highly encourage you to practice coaching with your peers to gain extra experience, mastery, and confidence. 

Get your questions answered live with Sahara Rose and Dr. Neeta Bhushan to dive deeper into each week’s module. If you can’t make it live to the calls, we encourage you to watch all the replays.


Sahara Rose

Host of the #1 Spirituality Podcast | 3x Best Selling Author | Founder | Embodiment Thought Leader | Global Speaker

Called “a leading voice of the millennial generation into the new paradigm” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote the forewords of her three books, Sahara Rose is known for her modern, grounded and relatable approach to spirituality that has taken the world by storm.

Known as the Queen of Embodiment, Sahara has been sharing the healing powers of dance to heal generational trauma on social media for many years and is finally taking her years of wisdom into the Embodiment Coaching Certification. 

Her Message: “Embodiment is so important because ultimately the way that we express is not based on the words that we say, but rather the energy that we emit. And that energy goes so much further than words because it permeates through our beings and allows us to feel something that is so much greater."

Sahara believes in making the spiritual journey fun and relatable, while deep and powerful at the same time. She is empowered to bring her humor, wisdom, and mindset to Embodiment Coaching because nothing makes her happier than the lasting transformations of her students.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Emotional Health Educator | Award-Winning Author | Top-Rated Podcast Host | Entrepreneur | Thought Leader | Global Speaker

"Dr. Neeta shows you how your heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments can provide beautiful opportunities for transformation." — Selena Soo, creator of Impacting Millions. Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a world-renowned emotional health educator, 4x award-winning author, & host of her top-rated podcast The Brave Table. Known as the queen of reinvention, and speaker on grit & resilience, she has shared her thought leadership on international stages (including the Women’s Economic Forum in India, Google HQ, Leadercast Women, & Mindvalley) and in multiple international best-selling books. Neeta’s been featured on Forbes, Grazia, Entrepreneur, US Reporter, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX News, Chicago Today, Women’s Business Magazine, LaWeekly, Verve, Tatler Magazine, and more.

Dr. Neeta sold her large million-dollar cosmetic dentistry practice, to help others find magic in their mess. As part of her own journey to becoming a leader in her field and a voice for women & women of color, she traveled across 45 countries researching human behavior, ancient Eastern philosophy, and therapeutic psychology. She pooled that learning along with other life experiences overcoming multiple adversities, which include being orphaned at nineteen, surviving an abusive marriage, and extensive loss, contributed to the powerful message of resilience & grit teaching others how to feel in order to fully heal. Dr. Neeta lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children.

Her Message: “After living through my countless fair-share of experiences, I discovered the true power of embracing and embodying the full range of emotions. Now, I am here to guide you on this empowering journey of embodiment, where you too can unlock the limitless potential within and embrace the fullness of your emotions.”

Dr. Neeta can empower anyone who has ever felt like a victim to take back control of their life and is now fully prepared to meet you inside The Embodiment Coaching Certification to help you bring your life into alignment with your mind, body, and spirit.

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More Testimonials About Our Coaching Institute

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Plus, You’re Backed By A 7-Day Fully Aligned Guarantee…

If you want to find alignment, achieve lasting change, and unlock more growth in your professional career, but you’re thinking of endless “what-ifs”... 

Then, we want to give you an opportunity to enroll yourself and see if the program is fully aligned for you. If within seven days of starting the course, you feel that this certification is not for you, you can email and ask for a full refund, no questions asked.

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You have Questions?

We have all the answers!

We want you to make fully informed decisions based on aligned expectations. So, here are some of the most common FAQs. If you have any more questions, you can reach out to us at

How long is this certification?

The 12-week program starts on Wednesday, May 22nd, and ends on August 28.

How is this certification different from the Dharma Certification by Dharma Coaching Institute?

While the Dharma (Soul Purpose) + Spiritual Life Coach certification is the launching pad and foundation for your coaching practice, the Embodiment Coach Certification is an accelerated 3-month program focused on somatic healing and how to create an integrated healing experience for you and your clients. Think of the Embodiment Coach Certification as a deeper layer to add to your coaching toolkit and a way to access the next level of embodiment.

When will the live coaching practice calls, pods, and Q&A calls take place?

The coaching practice time and coaching pods will happen every Wednesday from 2-3 PM Pacific. The live Q&A calls will be every Wednesday from 10-11 AM Pacific. 

However, you’ll receive the replays of these calls if you can’t make it live.

I don’t have any coaching skills. Can I still enroll?

Absolutely! We begin from the ground up, first integrating the embodiment tools within yourself, then learning how to share them with others as an Embodiment Coach. You can choose to just apply these skills into your own life or take them out into the world with your new career. It's also a great deepening for those who have done other coach certifications/ yoga teacher trainings who want to dive deeper into the somatic level.

I'm already a coach or practitioner of some kind. Can I still join & weave this work with my own?

Absolutely! Around 60% of participants are expected to have some kind of transformational skill including yoga teachers, health coaches, and business coaches, but they feel they’re missing a “key piece” to deepen the service they’re offering in order to receive a lasting transformation.

After completing the embodiment certification, you can weave it together with your other skills, tools & desires to offer the work in a way that feels aligned for you.

How much time will I have to invest?

Each week you will receive video lesson(s), 1 hour of Q+A session, and 1 hour of Coaching Practice. The certification includes 15 hours of video lessons in total.

Do you offer refunds?

We wouldn’t want you to do something you’re not completely aligned with. If you think the program is not for you or you don’t want to listen to your body’s wisdom, let us know and we’ll refund your investment within 7 days of the program’s starting date.

Will I receive a certification at the end of the program?

ABSOLUTELY! 🎉  You will receive a Highest Self Institute certification as a Certified Embodiment Coach.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, you can either pay in full $2,997 or pay $1,100 today and 2 equal installments later.

Become a Certified Embodiment Coach Today



VALUE $8,000

VALUE $8,000





  • 12-Week Immersive Embodiment Certification Online Course

  • Weekly Live Q&A calls

  • Weekly Live Coach Training and Practice Pods

  • Bonus: 7-Embodiment Practices

  • Bonus: Masterclass with Mind Body Trainer, Nate Ortiz